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Lee Brice's performance was not "Hard To Love"

Published Dec. 16, 2018

When Lee Brice's band members came out on stage before Brice himself, I was surprised to see they all had on black shirts. While my initial thoughts jokingly were, "I guess the band is goth," the dark clothing actually contributed to a cool, dark country rock feel.


Chris Young shows Fiserv Forum a good time at its first country concert

Published Oct. 27, 2018

When openers Morgan Evans and (especially) Dan + Shay put on a fantastic show, I thought it would be impossible to top -- plus, I am a huge fan of Dan + Shay. But once Chris Young stepped onto the stage and sang his first song, I knew it was also going to be great.


LOCASH debuts new song, covers at The Rave

Published Sept. 23, 2018

With more than a half an hour between the opening act Renee Blair leaving the stage and LOCASH finally coming out, the show at the Rave was off to a slow start. However, things picked up once LOCASH started jamming out to their songs and country rocking.


George Clinton still brings the funk

Published Feb. 3, 2018

On Friday night, OnMilwaukee publisher Andy Tarnoff brought his 9-year-old daughter Mara to see George Clinton at The Pabst Theater for her first real concert, and thus, her first concert review for OnMilwaukee. Here's Mara's take on the '70s funk icon. (Her dad thinks the review is pretty spot-on.)

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