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It's all in the details: 360 Degrees rocks out amazing restaurant interiors

Published Sept. 5, 2018

What makes a successful restaurant? It begins with the food. From there, success rides largely on the skills and savvy of the staff, both front and back of house. But another element is also key to the equation. There are few spots that make it without also providing a comfortable, functional environment for its guests. That's what 360 Design does.


Residential development writes Milwaukee success story

Published Oct. 5, 2005

A housing renaissance in Milwaukee's central city is breathing life into neighborhoods once neglected.. Subsidies from the City and investors have made the new housing affordable for neighborhood residents.

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May 15th is Spaces & Traces: Brewers Hill & The Beerline Open House

Brewers’ Hill & The Beerline—where old meets the new! The Old: Brewers’ Hill is among the city’s oldest residential neighborhoods. Originally surrounded by both commercial and industrial concerns, the area developed such that business owners and laborers li...

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