Republican party


Why the Republican Party should embrace Bruce Jenner

Published April 27, 2015

The most controversial bombshell in the big Bruce Jenner interview last week? Not that Jenner feels like a woman. That Jenner's a Republican (it says something about the media that this is considered controversial, of course). And while I'm not holding my breath, I can't think of a more immediately redefining gesture for the Republican Party than reaching out and embracing Jenner.


Underestimating Walker is a problematic strategy

Published Feb. 5, 2015

It's kind of tempting to brush off Scott Walker as a presidential candidate. But the governor has spent his political life surprising people. He's a true believer and has a vision he won't deviate from.


The right to freeload

Published Dec. 9, 2014

Right to work? There is not, right now, in Wisconsin or any other state a prohibition on people working. The act ought to be called the "right to freeload" bill.