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A bad week to be an atheist

Published May 13, 2014

I have often explained that the reason I will never be president - aside from how, deep down, I really hate people and would just never get through a campaign - is that I'm a fairly public atheist. You know us atheists; we rank just below Muslims, child-rapists, and congressmen on a list of who people would be willing to vote for.


A little too much religious zeal

Published June 25, 2013

I believe in religion and religious freedom. But here's what I want to know. How come it is only these Christians who have this seemingly unquenchable drive to shout at me about how great their faith is and how I ought to get on board or I'm doomed.

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Reject the Conscience Amendment

"The right of conscience, which includes the right to engage in activity or refrain from activity based on a sincerely held religious belief, shall not be burdened unless the state proves it has a compelling interest in infringing upon the specific action or refusal to act, and the burden is...

Talking Politics and Religion

"(Churches are blatantly and deliberately flaunting (sic, 1) the electioneering  restrictions..." Freedom From Religion Foundation.  (2)The Foundation, representing atheists and agnostics, has  filed a federal court suit claiming that the IRS  has not enforced the la...

Suppression of the Christian Voice?

"..the problem today is the suppression of the Christian voice in the public square...."  Jonathan Rupprecht  in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 13, page 9A Rupprecht, a church administrator and community columnist for the Journal Sentinel,   goes on to lament "...

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