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How my husband and I stay connected when we travel with kids

Published March 10, 2018

Travel with kids is not always easy, but making sure you're still connecting as a couple always makes for a better, more relaxing trip, helping elevate the fun while also alleviating some of the hard. Here are five tips for staying connected.


Meet the "Brady Street cheater"

Published March 20, 2015

Last Saturday was a 50-something degree day that was perfect for biking, grilling, the St. Patrick's parade and, apparently, confessing your sins at a busy intersection wearing nothing but tighty-whities.


Don't assume her position; women love sex

Published Sept. 5, 2013

Over the years I've learned that most people - women and men alike - assume that women aren't supposed to act like they enjoy sex. They tell themselves that only "sluts" and "over-sexed cougars" love sex. Why? Because it scares them to imagine that liking sex, wanting it, even begging for it on our hands and knees, has very real consequences to it. Those consequences are complicated and messy, yet fun to explore if we embrace it.

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Hats Off To You, Boss!

Recently I was talking to my wife about seeing “My Boss” during the upcoming week.  As pretty much entirely self-employed, who do I refer to as my boss? My boss will always be my boss.  It isn’t because she has any official position any longer of being my boss…....

Human, After All.

My friend *Lilly moved on to another job some time ago. I see her every now and then. I miss our silliness and trying to survive grad school together.Sometimes when I see her she asks if people around the office miss her. To some it seems weird since she left almost two years ago. I had dinne...

The Ball Game

Baseball players never hit a home run every chance at bat. The pitching arm is sore or just tired from the double header. Somehow the stars align and that is when the magic happens. The bat is swatted at the air in a few trial strokes. The crowd wild and untamed chanting the player's name. A ...

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