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Creative spirit infuses master distiller MacKenzie's work

Published Feb. 23, 2012

The first time I visited master distiller Doug MacKenzie was at the old Great Lakes Distillery. There weren't bubbling beakers puffing steam, but the large copper still and the stainless steel tanks gave the place a certain laboratory feel. And though he seemed entirely normal, MacKenzie's passion for creating spirits and his openness to try just about anything gave him a certain mad scientist vibe.


Great Lakes Distillery tasting room is open

Published Feb. 7, 2012

The Great Lakes Distillery tasting room has opened at 616 W. Virginia, at the corner of 6th and Virginia, adjacent to the distillery, in Walker's Point. The tasting room contains a bar (lined with slats from oak barrels), a shop selling Rehorst spirits, along with glassware, T-shirts and more, and a pair of windows that look down into the distillery below.


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Drink of the day?

For those who are watching the calorie intake because your fupa is getting on the excessive side, yet still want to have a solid beverage on your night out with the boys or girls I highly recommend Rehorst Vodka with seltzer and either a lime, lemon, or orange wedge.  You get minimal ca...

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