Was the Super Bowl the last true football game we'll ever see?

Published Feb. 5, 2013

It's hard to tolerate the extreme sadness about the great Super Bowl game played Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens held on to beat the San Francisco 49ers. I'm sad because it could be the last real football game any of us ever see.


Green Bay Replay: Packers 36, Rams 17

Published Sept. 28, 2009

The final score screamed "rout." The final stats shouted "closer than it looked" and "closer than it should have been." None of that really matters now. Sure, the Packers needed to beat the Rams Sunday in St. Louis, especially after losing a home game to Cincinnati in Week 2. Now that the game is over, and the expected verdict was reached, everyone can focus on Favre-a-palooza.


Sunday Scorecard: How do you spell relief?

Published May 11, 2008

Brewers manager Ned Yost said he would consider removing Eric Gagne (pictured) from the closer's role. Gagne may have made the decision for his manager. "I don't deserve the ninth inning right now," Gagne said.


Green Bay Replay: Rams 23, Packers 20

Published Oct. 9, 2006

Another comeback attempt fizzled and the Packers, unable to overcome breakdowns in critical situations, saw their record fall to 1-4 heading into the bye week.


Marv Levy's mindset poses eternal question to NFL fans

Published Jan. 19, 2005

Former Bills head coach Marv Levy once had a famous line that went something like this: "Where else would you rather be, than right here, right now?" So the eternal question remains: Where would you rather be, as a football fan?


Packers lived and died with Favre

Published Jan. 21, 2002

The Packers lived and died with quarterback Brett Favre all season. Favre had a bad game Sunday, and the Packers' playoff hopes died in St. Louis. Read about it, as well as the buzz about the Bucks, Wave and women's basketball.


Old Lambeau luck sends Pack to second round

Published Jan. 14, 2002

Sunday's playoff game was the last game at "old" Lambeau Field. The Packers had their same old luck while extending their playoff record at Lambeau to 11-0 and advancing to the second round of the NFL playoffs. Read about it, the Bucks and other Milwaukee Sports Buzz.