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Racine Spelunking: Frank Lloyd Wright's SC Johnson campus

Published Nov. 27, 2018

Tour a few Frank Lloyd Wright sites and you'll notice the recurring theme of intractability, stubbornness of him getting his way. Often, Wright's spats with clients led to works of stunning beauty. Take, for example, the administration building and research tower at SC Johnson in Racine.


Drink this: Boozy kringle in a bottle

Published Nov. 21, 2018

Next on my list of kringle-related Wisconsin products to try doesn't, surprisingly, hail from Racine at all. Kringle Cream is made by Death's Door Spirits on Washington Island, off the tip of Door County.


Racine Spelunking: Five 19th century cream city brick public schoolhouses

Published Nov. 20, 2018

The idea of using a building design to erect more than one structure isn't unheard of. Recently, I had the chance to see inside some Racine schools designed by the same architect and built at the same time - 1855!! - and which, despite many changes over the years, still survive today.


Racine Spelunking: Wind Point Lighthouse

Published Nov. 6, 2018

Today, even after many Lake Michigan lighthouses have gone dark, the need for Wind Point Lighthouse's glow remains important. We stopped in for a tour to get a look at the history, and to climb the 144 cast-iron steps to the top, of this 1880 Racine County landmark.

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