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Milwaukee Talks: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Published Sept. 6, 2018

Before Friday's event at the Marcus Center, we asked the NBA's all time leading scorer and modern Renaissance man several questions on a variety of topics. His thoughts and thoughtful answers are here in this latest edition of "Milwaukee Talks."


Ald. Rainey calls standing ovation for Hader "an embarrassment to the world"

Published July 23, 2018

On Saturday, Brewers reliever Josh Hader pitched for the first time since tweets containing racist and homophobic language surfaced during last week's All-Star Game. But the standing ovation Hader received from the Miller Park crowd was what troubled Ald. Khalif Rainey and many others.


88Nine Radio Milwaukee breaks ground with "Invisible Lines"

Published April 30, 2018

88Nine Radio Milwaukee continues to dig deep with impactful - and potentially healing - Milwaukee stories and conversations. The organization's latest effort is entitled "88Nine Presents: Invisible Lines," a six-episode multimedia series that features intimate conversations about race, segregation and prejudice.

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Losing The Race

Monday January 21st, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL    Today is Martin Luther King Day, and that stirs up many thoughts from many people. Nobody wants to admit it, but race relations are no better today than they ever were. Sure, there may have been some half baked attempts made to smooth...

Texas Mix 'Em

"(Race or ethnicity) should not be considered when applying to the University of Texas"  Abigail Fisher (1)Miss Fisher, who had been rejected for admission to the University of Texas  (UT) in 2008,  has asked the US Supreme Court to rule that the policy of UT  that c...

Milwaukee needs a Doughman!

I was motivated by a recent episode of the Travel Channel's Man v. Food (Durham, NC episode), and want to challenge our lovely city of Milwaukee to a similar feat. Durham hosts an annual (2 years thus far) Doughman Challenge. It's part Ironman, part eating competition: "charity quadrathlon w...

An Open Conversation with Eric Holder

  I am Black and I don't agree with Eric Holder. I think Americans, North and South and everywhere have open and honest conversations about values and ideas of groups with different skin colors, and other traits of diversity. They talk about black-on-black crime, the lost generation of young...

Race Day Tomorrow

Race day is finally tomorrow! I have been busy getting ready for the big day.  The Pink Cosmos team has really come together pulling in donations throughout the team.  Our top fund-raisers are:Mary Vollmer at $350.00Christine Zielinski at $315.00Kate Petrosky at $300.00 Here are so...

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