Family plans to keep "purple house" alive

Published Nov. 23, 2013

For almost two decades, the iconic "purple house" sat on the corner of 43rd and Howard, and the entire time, the neighborhood was divided. Some found it to be an eyesore, while others appreciated it as a quirky, iconic landmark. In 2010, the house was torn down but now, the son of the former owners hopes to buy back the land.


Quirky Schroeder Books stacks up

Published June 2, 2013

According to a handwritten sign in the window, Schroeder Used Books and Music, 7629 W. Greenfield Ave., is open from 9 a.m. until midnight. However, the co-owner, Alma, says the shop is always open.


An outsider's view of "quirky Milwaukee"

Published Sept. 22, 2012

Our fine staff and those from the countless travel sites and blogs continue to find the gems and jewels that make Milwaukee great. The latest collective list comes from gadling.com. It explores some of the city's "quirky" destinations.


Is Milwaukee losing its retro?

Published Oct. 23, 2007

First Goldmann’s closed at the end of September. Then Art’s Concertina Bar. Then Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge. What's next?


Stemper's fills the sacred niche of church supplies

Published April 4, 2004

Peter Stemper admits his family's business is the kind that no one thinks about owning and operating. Afterall, who questions where communion wafers come from? Stemper's in Bay View, of course!


Owl Imports makes collectors and kitsch lovers coo

Published Sept. 17, 2003

If you walk into Owl Imports be prepared for crazy amounts of cuteness -- or corny-ness, depending on your taste. The West Allis shop specializes in figurines, music boxes, dolls, nutcrackers, clocks, beer steins and more.


Riverwest Resale Shop reopens with great gusto

Published Dec. 5, 2002

Loaded with gems from groovy lamps to Christmas goodies you haven't seen since Grandma's, there's something for everyone in this eclectic resale shop that reopened last month under the management of writer/musician Trent Hanson.


Tip-Top Atomic Shop is well worth the stop

Published Nov. 25, 2002

It's a Tuesday afternoon in the year 2002, but Jim Dutcher sports a "pompador with a duck's ass" haircut and listens to Bill Haley while minding the retro Tip-Top Atomic Shop in Bay View.


Art Smart's finds new niche

Published Oct. 28, 2002

Since 1985, Art Smart's Dart Mart has colorfully claimed the corner of Brady and Humboldt. Still offering a wide selection of juggling and dart supplies, as well as classic, cornball gag gifts, the eclectic East Side shop is also a leading supplier of disc golf equipment.


Sandler shines, but "Punch-drunk Love" could evoke hate

Published Oct. 18, 2002

"Punch-drunk Love," starring Adam Sandler, is a film designed to be loved or hated. It operates in its own screwed-up little world and by its own internal logic works fine, and rewards those willing to give in to that offbeat sensibility.


Chicken love leads to book deal

Published Sept. 26, 2002

Pam Percy loves chickens. She loves real chickens, painted chickens, movies about chickens, even chicken recipes. She loves chickens so much that she has written a book, "The Complete Chicken," celebrating the life of our poultry pals and in hope of raising the public's "chicken awareness."


Dress up your naked lawn with a lawn ornament

Published July 8, 2002

Once upon a time, there was very little choice in the land of concrete lawn ornaments. You had the gnomes, the birdbaths, the deer, the un-PC black jockeys, but that was about it. Six years ago, James and Nancy Malkowski opened Garden Star, and increased our lawn ornament selection exponentially.