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5 things you can do now at Punch Bowl Social

Published March 15, 2019

It's almost spring, and if you're tired of sitting at home holed up on the couch with a healthy serving of Netflix on your plate, it might be time for a trip to Punch Bowl Social.


A look inside Downtown's naked underground pools

Published Jan. 19, 2018

Recently, WUWM-FM's Bonnie North invited me on to the station's popular "Bubbler Talk" show to answer a listener's question about underground baths Downtown where the elite met to presumably get deals done and that reminded of a number of underground spaces I've seen over the years that fit the bill.


Hidden Gem: Ollie's

Published Nov. 10, 2017

The small corner tavern was previously named Fresh Bar and The Pitt, but it became Ollie's, aptly, when Louise and her husband, Ollie, bought the bar in 1993.

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Bee Stings

Summer of 1986 was a scorcher in Milwaukee. The kiddie pool was pulled out of the damp garage leaving dirty streaks as it was dragged from it's home. Pairs of chubby hand kept slipping as it was rolled onto the front yard. Soft giggles and ponytails hit the back of sun kissed necks. Color...

Doggie Swim at Cool Waters

Who doesn't think their dog isn't a little kid? Well, mine most definately is.  Cool waters in West Allis opened for the last time this season for our ever faithful doggies!!  It was a full house, and my yellow lab's tail NEVER stopped wagging!!!  He was so anxious to swim that h...

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