Thank Cod it's Fryday: Klinger's East

Published March 23, 2018

In this series, we're trying out some of the city's most popular fish fries. You'll find commentary, pro tips and ratings of the three staples of a classic Wisconsin fry: namely the fish, the potato pancakes and the classic Wisconsin style brandy old fashioned.


"Modern Rebels" brings big names to the Milwaukee Art Museum

Published June 18, 2015

Van Gogh. Picasso. Pollock. Warhol. Dali. These aren't just huge names to fans of art. These are cultural icons. And thanks to the new touring exhibition "Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels," those household names - amongst the works of many, many other influential figures in the history and evolution of modern art - will decorate the walls of the Milwaukee Art Museum throughout the summer.


Harris paints Pollock

Published Feb. 28, 2001

Bio-pic is a flawed but ambitious and arresting movie. Harris does an impressive job behind the camera and a magnificent job in front of it. He gives a passionate and haunting performance, creating a truly mysterious yet fascinating figure.