Performance art


Blue Man Group: How kid-friendly is it?

Published Nov. 1, 2010

The Blue Man Group has performed in Chicago for 13 years. The show is appealing, for the most part, to viewers of most ages. But the question for some families -- considering the $77 ticket price -- is how appropriate is it for kids?


Blue Man talks makeup, music and about the show

Published Aug. 10, 2009

The Blue Man Group travels to Green Bay's Radisson Three Clans Ballroom on Tuesday, Aug. 11 for shows at 4 and 8 p.m. Recently, spoke to traveling performer Jeffrey Brown about his experiences in the shade of blue.


Miltown Kings rule the gender-bending world

Published Feb. 25, 2009

The world of performance art is a boundless planet, and one that welcomes citizen artists from all walks of life. Take, for example, The Miltown Kings, Milwaukee's drag-oriented theater troupe. "This gang of gender benders consists of kings, queens, femmes and everything in between," says member Leo Long.


Performance art at the polls

Published Nov. 4, 2008

If you plan to vote later today, it's possible you'll see free performances by nationally recognized performance artists. The performances -- which range from original music to dance to video -- will take place at 11 different polling places throughout the city.


Bryson involves wacky self with Performance Art Showcase

Published Nov. 10, 2005

Nationally recognized artist Carter Bryson, most famous for photographing a ceiling water stain resembling the Milwaukee Art Museum's Calatrava-inspired logo, returns to Milwaukee this weekend to perform in the second annual Performance Art Showcase.


Milwaukee's "Rhythm Chicken" hops around the world

Published June 22, 2004

Long before "flash mobs" made it fashionable to create public diversions, a Milwaukee man who goes by the name "Rhythm Chicken" started spontaneously playing the drums on street corners, wearing a ridiculously large bunny head.


"Convergence" explores three decades of performance art

Published Sept. 29, 2003

Walker's Point Center for the Arts offers Convergence, a three-part series about performance art in Milwaukee. Artists will provide presentations of performance and documentation with audience participation.


Performance artist blends message of chocolate, love

Published Nov. 1, 2002

What's a 31-year-old skinny Jewish photographer/teacher from Louisville doing running around in red undies, pouring chocolate sauce all over himself and calling it performance art? That's easy, says Marc Tasman. He's the Chocolate Messiah, but admirers just call him "Choco."