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Parking compliment? Who needs the stress?

Published June 4, 2018

While folks definitely enjoy a nice compliment - such as the ones that appear on the slips of paper appearing on the windshields of cars in the Third Ward, I think in the case of parking, no news is the best news of all when returning to one's satisfactorily parked vehicle.


Parking tickets are a nightmare of epic proportions

Published Aug. 28, 2014

You won't believe this! Today's subject is parking in the City of Milwaukee. I've thought about this a lot over my life, wondering why I hate and fear the parking regulations and those parking checkers so much. But my interest was rekindled by a Facebook post from Circuit Judge Pedro Colon, a guy who I think would be a terrific mayor.


Parking checkers busted on Facebook

Published June 5, 2013

The "Milwaukee Parking Checkers Forgot How To Park Legally" Facebook page has fewer than 90 likes (and a rather clunky name), but it's already generating a fair share of buzz.

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Sadistic Parking Checkers

Those little blue and white jeeps with flashing lights on top that say "Caution this vehicle makes frequent stops" should really say "Watch out, i'm coming to ruin your day." I have lived in the city of Milwaukee for four years now and paid my fair share of parking tickets &md...

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