Seasoned parents advise new parents

Published Jan. 24, 2011 recently polled local parents with children between the ages of a few months old to adulthood, and here's what we came up with. We hope new parents, or anyone considering having kids, finds this useful.


Coaches, parents can rob youth sports of fun

Published Sept. 1, 2006

While watching the Little League World Series unfold last weekend, OMC columnist Dave Begel admired the athleticism, was revolted by the conduct of parents and offers a cautionary tale about perspective.


Motherfest: Miffed by shopping carts

Published Feb. 21, 2005

Local parents of multiple children lament the single-seat shopping cart situation. Shopping cart designers must be under the assumption that no one has more than one small child. Why is this?


Mia Putia delivers natural baby goods and more

Published Dec. 16, 2004

Have you heard that cloth diapers and co-sleeping aren't just for hippy parents anymore? Mia Putia, 833 E. Center St., helps modern mums and pops find some of the natural products they need for their children -- and themselves.


Couple plans play dates for parents

Published Jan. 14, 2004

Young parents know what that's like. Dinner in a nice restaurant can be an awkward display if junior fusses. That's why Beth Ridley and her husband are launching Parents Play Date for moms, dads and tots.