Artist of the day: Lauryl Sulfate

Published April 17, 2020

Milwaukee's Laurel Sulfate is an unstoppable force of creativity. She fronts the smart-pop party band, Lauryl Sulfate and Her Ladies of Leisure (LOL), and contributes myriad artistic offerings to the universe.


Ramirez paints massive mural honoring medical workers

Published April 10, 2020

Artist / muralist Mauricio Ramirez is in the process of painting a new mural that pays homage to the front-line heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ramírez is commissioning the project himself.


Why you should care about the properties of house paint

Published June 15, 2019

Paint is a building block of modern architecture. Without it, those of us whose homes are not made of stone would watch them wither away from weathering and the ceaseless effects of Father Time. Paint is a beautifier, a protector of homes and buildings, and a steward of a structure's integrity. But what is it?


Mrozinski casts series of shadow paintings

Published Sept. 12, 2014

Todd Mrozinski has traced and painted more than 100 shadows of friends, family members and local artists - many of whom are drinking, a few eating and some contemplating or gazing. The series will soon be on display at Cafe Lulu and he is also currently accepting commissions.


For local artist, beauty is colorblind

Published Sept. 12, 2003

Jonathan Gundlach hasn't faced severe trauma and tribulation throughout his career, but the stage wasn't exactly set for him. A professional artist for the past 15 years, Gundlach was born colorblind.


Albinger finds inspiration out West

Published Jan. 23, 2003

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. If you're an artist that new setting can also provide new inspiration. Just ask Port Washington native Lisa Albinger, an accomplished painter who recently left Milwaukee for the considerably warmer Phoenix climate.