Pabst brewing company


MKE Brewing Co. almost ready to unveil new 9th Street brewery

Published Aug. 9, 2018

A little more than a year after the official groundbreaking for the renovation to transform a hulking old Pabst Brewing Co. distribution building into the sparkling new home of Milwaukee Brewing Co., brewery founder Jim McCabe says the expanded brewery and taproom is nearly ready to open.


You'll want to drink here: 20 photos of the new Pabst Milwaukee Brewery

Published April 13, 2017

With a small-batch craft brewery, gastropub-style restaurant and outdoor beer garden, which effectively blend its historic and contemporary elements, the new Pabst Milwaukee Brewery appeals to both the wistful reminiscents and move-Milwaukee-forward types. Here's a look inside.


8 new breweries to visit this summer

Published May 19, 2016

Milwaukee is re-earning its cred as the "Brew City" thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of countless new brewers around town. And here are eight new spots to visit during our beautiful Milwaukee summer.


Pabst and present: Tapping into the history of Pabst Brewing Company

Published Feb. 26, 2011

In its 167-year history, the brewery that would become Pabst Brewing Company has contributed more than just the iconic blue ribbon and Tall Boys to society, having had their hand in everything from the creation of Miller to aspects of Milwaukee still seen today.


Best Place offers a drink of Pabst history

Published Aug. 31, 2009

Best Place, originally the hospitality area for the Pabst Brewing Company, houses a gift shop, corporate offices, Blue Ribbon Hall, a courtyard and a tour center, all of which will open to the public on Sunday, Oct. 4.


Milwaukee making Schlitz famous again

Published June 18, 2009

Once the world's best-selling beer, Schlitz suffered a mighty fall in the 1970s and was relegated to cheap-beer status; appropriate more for frat boys and derelicts than the weddings and celebrations that defined its glory days status. Pabst, which now owns the Schlitz label, took a big risk in reintroducing the old, 1960s formula, but a year after its launch, the risk has paid off and Schlitz is no longer a laughing stock or the source of hard feelings in Milwaukee.