Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative in Wauwatosa is getting a big deal refresh

Published June 20, 2019

If you've noticed a bit of activity brewing at the Outpost Natural Foods Co-op in Wauwatosa, you've got a keen eye. The cooperative grocer has begun an extensive $1.2 million remodel and expansion of its Wauwatosa store, one of the first commercial buildings in Wisconsin constructed using sustainable design practices.


5 perfect spots to satiate your carrot cake craving

Published Feb. 2, 2018

If you love carrot cake, you've come to the right place. If you are a hater, look away now ... because this article contains carrot cake commentary and pictures of some of the most delicious shredded orange vegetable cakes in the city.


Find Waldo and support local businesses

Published June 30, 2014

Where's Waldo? In Milwaukee, during the month of July, he's practically everywhere, thanks to Boswell Book Co.'s Find Waldo Local scavenger hunt promotion.


Brewers Organics bring healthy food to your door

Published Feb. 9, 2014

A new organic produce delivery service called Brewers Organics recently opened on the near South Side. The family-owned and operated business delivers boxes of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, coffee and other natural products of various sizes to families, individuals and businesses.


Outpost breaks ties with Palermos Pizza

Published Oct. 17, 2013

Outpost Natural Foods announced today on its website that it will no longer carry any Palermo's Pizza products at all three of its Milwaukee locations.


What's your favorite grocery store and why?

Published Jan. 18, 2012

I know there's a ton of passion around where you grocery shop and why. So, here's my pick and some thoughts on the task of gathering our weekly groceries.


Regional products redefine "local" food

Published Nov. 13, 2011

There are many regional food producers whose company missions are in line with a "keep it local" philosophy. OnMilwaukee.com recently checked in with the makers of Ray's Polish Fire and Crapola granola, two regional, family-owned, food producers, to find out more about who they are and the products they make.


A gift a day: Rishi Tea's Cinnamon Plum holiday blend

Published Dec. 17, 2009

Rishi Tea's new holiday Cinnamon Plum Tea is deliciously sweet and spicy with an herbal scent and rich cider consistency. But to match cultural ideals with taste buds, it's a product that's organic, fair trade, locally based and donates 25% of proceeds to the Clean Water Fund. This holiday season, there really is no better gift.


10% could just save Our Milwaukee

Published Aug. 20, 2009

In hopes of reaping the economic rewards, Our Milwaukee urges local residents to make the 10 percent switch. Whether it is in groceries, dining, services or entertainment, Our Milwaukee pushes area shoppers to become aware of their ability to transform the local economy.


Flower essences nip ailments in the bud

Published May 5, 2009

Flower essences -- also called flower remedies -- are homeopathic "medicines" made from 100 percent spring water infused with wild flowers. They are available in Milwaukee at numerous markets and co-ops.


Budding Artists' show builds confidence, community

Published May 4, 2009

For the fourth year in a row, the Riverwest Co-op Grocery & Café, 733 E. Clarke St., hosts the Budding Artists' Show. The collection features the art work of 15 neighborhood children and runs through the month of May in the café section of the co-op.


Crawling in support of our fair trade city

Published May 2, 2009

Saturday, May 9 is World Fair Trade Day. It's an especially exciting day in Milwaukee, which was the first large city in United States to become a Fair Trade City in 2007. Read on to learn more about the second annual Milwaukee Fair Trade Crawl.


Foodie hibernation

Published Jan. 9, 2009

I have to admit -- even the most ardent of foodies can feel a bit to far to the bacchanal side of things at the end-of-year; the Wisconsin Foodie production crew not excluded. We rallied ourselves to a true New Year's resolution -- a new airtime to coincide with the new year.


Daily dish: Curry lentil soup

Published Oct. 17, 2008

Perfect for a fall day, this Outpost Natural Foods original combines a light Indian curry, French lentils and lots of veggies. A thick and hearty soup, Outpost suggests you serve it over brown basmati rice for a warm fall meal or add 2-3 additional cups of vegetable stock for a thin broth.


Is your company authentic?

Published April 28, 2008

Joe Pine, the co-author of "Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want," sent an e-mail the other day ...