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Milwaukee events that made us cry

Published Nov. 20, 2012

The editors and writers at have felt verklempt - maybe even shed a tear or two - at numerous points in Milwaukee's history and here they are.


Classic East Side T-shirts

Published Jan. 11, 2009

This week, I plan to buy a commemorative Atomic Records T-shirt and add it to my small but adored stack of classic East Side T-shirts.

Omcrecs092508_storyflow Recommends: Sept. 25, 2008

Published Sept. 25, 2008

The pennant race is making us thirsty in the editorial office. We're talking about tasty tea, delicious beer, a good wine at a reasonable price -- and we're drinking our beverages while watching Season One of "Lost" (pictured) on DVD. Oh, and we're talking about music and an iPod accessory, too.


Where we'd eat our last supper

Published Sept. 21, 2007

Imagine the world is ending tomorrow and you’re allowed to gorge yourself on one final meal.


Drews Variety Store is still a mart with heart

Published Nov. 17, 2004

Back in the day, if you needed a strange combination of things your best option was to visit a "variety store." And there were lots of them: Ben Franklin, Woolworth and Drews. Despite the boom of box stores, Drews is still going strong today.

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