Nick burki


Coquette Cafe in the Third Ward has closed after 19 years

Published Feb. 21, 2018

Milwaukee's Third Ward has lost its classic French bistro. Coquette Cafe served its last meals on Sunday, according to chef and owner Nick Burki, who expressed much gratitude to those who supported the restaurant over the past 19 years.


Cook like a pro 2: More recipes from Milwaukee's best chefs

Published Oct. 14, 2014

Almost all of us have gone to a restaurant at some point and said a version of, "Holy cow! I wish I could make this at home!" Well, wish no more. Milwaukee's top chefs ride to the rescue with another serving of delicious recipes to bring the taste of some of Milwaukee's best restaurants back to your home kitchen.


Cherishing Thanksgiving: Chefs on food and family

Published Nov. 21, 2012

Whether you augment your stuffing with oysters or trade your traditional turkey for Cornish hens, everyone has their own recipes for making Thanksgiving Day special, including Milwaukee chefs, whose Turkey Day celebrations aren't so different from yours or mine.


Milwaukee's best French, 2010: Coquette Cafe

Published Oct. 27, 2010

Despite the fact that Sandy D'Amato sold Coquette Cafe, 316 N. Milwaukee St., in the past year, it once again edged Lake Park Bistro for the title Best French in Milwaukee according to readers.


Featured chefs: MAM's Chris Hatleli and Nick Burki

Published June 19, 2009

Welcome to a rarity -- a double chef profile on When we approached Milwaukee native, Chris Hatleli, executive chef at Milwaukee Art Museum's acclaimed Café Calatrava -- and a veteran of George Webb and Sanford -- about taking part, he asked that we also include MAM chef de cuisine and his long-time partner in culinary adventure, Nick Burki.