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Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Royal New Year's Eve"

Published Jan. 3, 2018

My final trip into Hallmark hell is "Royal New Year's Eve," the story of a lowly magazine assistant falling in love with a prince and ... wait, did I just get tricked into watching Netflix's "A Christmas Prince" again?!


2017 picks: Matt Mueller

Published Dec. 30, 2017

Before the ball drops on Sunday night, most certainly the only time we'll throw confetti to celebrate a Monday, let's take one final look back at the best - and just a bit of the worst - that 2017 had to offer.


The year that was 2016

Published Dec. 31, 2016

Before the bells chime and the ball drops tonight, let's take one final look at just a handful of the good, the bad and the ugly events that made up the past 365 days. And then let's never speak of this year again.

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