New year's resolutions


Checking in on your New Year's resolutions

Published Feb. 2, 2019

It's February so let's check in on the resolutions. After all, a new year means we need to make resolutions, right? Or does it? Are resolutions even something we should spend our time on?


20 tips to stay motivated

Published Jan. 29, 2019

At this point, most people have already failed at keeping their New Year's resolutions. That's because motivation significantly drops after the first few weeks of a setting a new goal. To keep you on track, here are my top 20 tips for staying motivated.


Bringing purpose to your New Year's goal

Published Jan. 3, 2019

Every New Year's resolution starts strong with the resolve to build and create a better version of ourselves. We have good intentions, but struggle to maintain motivation toward long lasting change.


Our 2018 Milwaukee resolutions

Published Dec. 29, 2017

When talking about New Year's resolutions, some of us wondered if they're even a thing anymore. While some of us may make them for ourselves, we decided that it would be more interesting to share our hopes - resolutions, if you will - for Milwaukee in 2018.


Begel's 2017 resolutions may not be fanciful, but they're genuine

Published Dec. 29, 2016

The angle that most columnists take when it comes to their annual New Year's column is to write fanciful resolutions for a variety of celebrities. This year, however, I'm taking the whole thing seriously. My resolutions mean something - and I hope I can stick to them.


2013 picks: Matt Mueller

Published Dec. 18, 2013

2013 began with me in a tiny college studio apartment, mildly fretting about my final semester as a college student and significantly fretting about the odds of me being employed. It ends with me working at my desk at the OnMilwaukee offices. In between those two polar extremes were a whole lot of movies and memories - both good and bad - that deserve a final shout out.


My five film resolutions for 2013

Published Jan. 2, 2013

With nothing much coming out this weekend, I'll take my hypercritical eyes off of the screen and point them instead at a pinnacle of imperfection: myself. Some of these resolutions are exclusive to me; others wouldn't be bad for the whole cinematic community to take up. Either way, here are several methods in which I'm going to try to be better in 2013.


Get Solful to achieve your fitness goals

Published Jan. 2, 2012

How many years have you promised yourself you will get on an exercise program? You will eat better? Make changes in your lifestyle for better health? Stop waffling and take action. But, don't do it alone. Support is key, and ACE-certified personal trainer and 13-year fitness industry veteran Lisa Martin can help you put your resolution into action.


Social Circle: What are your New Year's resolutions?

Published Jan. 1, 2012

We make 'em, often we break 'em, but resolutions are as much a part of the New Year as confetti in your champagne. So here we go, one more year of big plans to change our lives for the better. Cheers to that, Milwaukee.


A 2012 school wish list

Published Dec. 31, 2011

Tis the season for wish lists and resolutions; those ever-hopeful tallies of our rosy expectations for the upcoming dozen months. As 2011 wrapped up, I was fully engrossed in the facilities changes being discussed at Milwaukee Public Schools and like everyone involved, I hope the future moves bring success. Avoiding politics for now, here are some of my hopes for what 2012 will bring.


This time I resolve to resolve

Published Dec. 30, 2010

For many years, my resolution has been to have no resolutions. That is, no half-baked self-improvement plans that will stress me out right up until the point, in early-to-mid January, when I will forget about them completely. This year, I will make resolutions.


Sunday Sound-off: Have you kept your resolutions?

Published Jan. 10, 2010

A little more than a week into the new year, we'd like to know how your resolutions are doing? Whether you vowed to quit smoking, drink less, lose weight, resolutions can be difficult to keep. It's time to sound off, Milwaukee.