New wave


Say it ain't so! New NO/NO album and a farewell show

Published Aug. 30, 2019

As if the album was meant to mirror trajectory our too-short time with the group, the final song, "A Constant State of Flux," arrives quickly and ends abruptly, reminding us that nothing lasts forever.


Simple Minds' Charlie Burchill previews Saturday's Pabst show

Published Oct. 11, 2018

Simple Minds hasn't plated in Milwaukee in a long, long time, but that changes Saturday. We caught up with original member Charlie Burchill for a preview. He says he's very happy to be back in the states for this tour, which he admits is long overdue.


A Flock of Seagulls rained out four songs in

Published July 1, 2018

It didn't look good 10 minutes before the alleged 4 p.m. showtime. With the new video board at the U.S. Cellular stage warning us "SEVERE WEATHER APPROACHING," all the keyboards were covered with black tarps. Thunder clapped in the distance, and I wondered if I should run. Run so far away.


Milwaukee's most influential punk bands, according to the experts

Published Feb. 9, 2017

Four folks with roots in the local music scene banded together to create "Brick Through The Window: An Oral History of Punk Rock, New Wave and Noise in Milwaukee, 1964-1984," an exhaustive tracing of the scene in Milwaukee from its earliest gasps for air.


Squeeze closes Summerfest with amazing set of old New Wave hits

Published July 9, 2012

For a band that's been together off and on for almost 40 years - they played Summerfest in 1980, for goodness' sake - Squeeze sounded tight, and the crowd soaked up the performance. On a lovely, finally cool evening at the lakefront, this show was a wonderful way to close out another busy Summerfest.


1979: an unbeatable year for music

Published Oct. 6, 2006

OK, I've been a music fan for a long time now and I've lived through some good years for music and some lean ones. And I've dug back into the music of the past, too, so I feel pretty confident in deciding that 1979 was perhaps the pinnacle of pop music so far.


Codebreaker finds the warp zone

Published Feb. 19, 2002

No shoe-gazing at the Codebreaker show at The Social last weekend. It was all "Beach boys meet Kraftwerk at a Falco orgy," in the words of one awed spectator.