Did our passion for football kill our speed skating chances?

Published Feb. 25, 2014

The Netherlands speed skating coach Jillert Anema said one of the reasons the U.S. speedskating team did not take a medal in those events was because of our country's obsession with football - a sport no one else in the world cares about. Is he right? And does it matter?


"1" is the loveliest number for Spain

Published July 12, 2010

Another day, another 1-0 victory. La Roja won all four of its games in the knockout round, 1-0, scoring just eight goals in the tournament while conceding only two, further proof that defense wins championships.


And then there were four ...

Published July 6, 2010

Though a bit deflated after Italy's dismissal, soccer blogger Alessia Palanti looks forward to intense action in the World Cup semifinals.