OMG! Elle Woods comes to Milwaukee

Published March 31, 2019

Our fourth grade correspondent, Mara Tarnoff, checked out "Legally Blonde: The Musical," Saturday afternoon at the Riverside. She found it to be similar - but different - from one of her favorite movies.


"Strange Magic" casts no spell

Published May 31, 2015

"Strange Magic," a music-filled fairy tale animated in perfection, is a prime example of because you have the ability to make it, does not mean it is going to be good.


The Rep goes country with its season opener "The Doyle & Debbie Show"

Published Aug. 29, 2014

"The Doyle & Debbie Show," the season opener for the Milwaukee Rep, is making history. "Is this the first time a toilet's been on the Stackner stage? Probably," said JC Clementz, the show's director. The prop potty, however, nicely sets the tone for "The Doyle & Debbie Show," a goofy Christopher Guest-esque parody about a washed-up country duo.


This "Rat Pack" hits, misses

Published Dec. 8, 2013

"The Rat Pack is Back" had a one-night stand at The Milwaukee Theater Saturday night and, while it invoked a whisper of the neon nights of Las Vegas in the '60s, it did so with more of a miss than the roar of a solid hit.


This Cooke Book needs a new recipe

Published March 23, 2013

It's difficult to pigeonhole this show. It's not a concert. It's not a tribute cover band. It's not theater. What it is seems to be a couple of hours of the great songs of Sam Cooke boiled down to a musical theater audience level and delivered with practiced smiles, dance moves, patter with the band and a timorous set of vocal chords that sometimes hit but often missed channeling one of the great singers of our time.


Lord of the Dance offers fancy footwork this Friday

Published Feb. 27, 2013

More than 60 million people from 68 countries have seen Lord of the Dance, an Irish dance show created by Michael Flatley, and it's coming to the Milwaukee Theatre on Friday, March 1 at 7:30 p.m.


"Sizzlin' 60s" at the Fireside comes as a groovy surprise

Published Jan. 28, 2013

I'll confess that I was expecting a noon dinner of hastily and bulk prepared food followed by a show that would remind me of a cruise ship, "American Idol" auditions or "Disney on Parade." If they gave out points for being wrong, I would be leading the pack on this one.


"Titanic: The Musical" to dock in Milwaukee

Published Oct. 6, 2012

"Titanic: The Musical," the winner of five Tony awards including Best Musical, is coming for the first time ever to Milwaukee, Oct. 12-13 at the Milwaukee Theatre. One of the leads in the newly-formed national touring Broadway cast, Geoffrey Karnish, grew up in the Milwaukee area.


"8 Women" is silly, colorful murder-musical

Published Oct. 11, 2002

It's safe to say that everything in this film is overdone, but overdone to perfection. Set on a snowy Christmas Day in the French countryside during the 1950s, "8 Women" is a visual delicacy that's part murder mystery, part musical and all comedy.