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Amy Taylor talks work, triplets, weight loss and her stint in soap operas

Published June 5, 2017

Radio and TV personality Amy Taylor is a night owl who's excelled in a career based on early mornings, the mother of triplets despite infertility and a diligent practitioner of health and fitness after years of evading self care. And she's willing to talk about all of it. Openly.


Milwaukee Talks: "Morning Blend" co-host Molly Fay

Published Aug. 19, 2014

Chicago native Molly Fay didn't expect to host a talk show. But the former investigative journalist, mother of three and self-described introvert, found herself doing just that eight years ago when WTMJ-4 launched "The Morning Blend," and she hasn't looked back. We caught up with Fay over coffee last week to discuss where she's been and where she's going. And why every person, even if their job seems mundane, has a story to tell.


Milwaukee Talks: "Morning Blend" host Tiffany Ogle

Published May 16, 2014

The positive and caffeinated person you see weekday mornings on "The Morning Blend" is not an act for Tiffany Ogle. Always an optimist, there's no alter ego at all, says the Minnesota native with the most diverse resumé you'll ever see. Yes, many know the 34-year-old Ogle for her time as a Miss America contestant, but she's a legit artist, singer, TV pitch woman and philanthropist. And lots has changed in her life since we first spoke to her in 2009.

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Cameras...Lights...Please don't faint

If you have read my posts in the past, you know know my story... I use crutches to walk. I was born with a disability that affected all four limbs. I went to college, got married and had a son. In most ways, my life is normal but the challenges I face are not. So I started a blog.  www.myleg...

"Morning Blend" is Morning Bland

OK, what is going on with that Morning Blend show? I am really not sure exactly what the point of this hour-long coffee klatch is. It really reminds me of Bronx Beat on Saturday Night Live. It upsets me that TMJ4 thinks that this is the kind of show Milwaukeeans want or need. If we...


Everybody knows the great morning show called The Morning Blend, which I affectionately call The Morning Wood, but how many of you know it can be viewed on Time Warners Wisconsin in Demand? It's true, the Morning Blend as well as other WTMJ news shows can be viewed at your convience all day lon...

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