Pabst's foray into spirits is here: PBR white whiskey

Published Aug. 27, 2019

A few months after Pabst's hard coffee and hard seltzer hit the shelves, the company's first whiskey since the 1840s is available, as promised earlier in the year. Like you, I want it to be great, but I'm a little skeptical.


Local mompreneur makes Moonshine in Milwaukee kitchen

Published March 11, 2013

Last year, Rebecca Carriere's friend made her a soap basket as a gift and she was amazed at their professional quality and beauty. Inspired, she started making her own soap products and more in her Whitefish Bay kitchen and recently launched a small business called Moonshine.


Richmond Fontaine hops from Irish pubs to Bremen Café

Published June 23, 2004

Named after a hitchhiker picked up by bassist Dave Harding, Richmond Fontaine will stop at the Bremen Café on Sunday, June 27. The Portland quartet just returned from a tour of the United Kingdom.


The Mighty Lumberhorn toots its own ... homemade bass

Published March 5, 2004

Fronted by Ted Jorin and his uncle BJ -- who invented a bass and a drum kit -- The Mighty Lumberhorn is rooted in the heavy heavy monster sound of the plywood instrument from which the group derives it name.