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"Godzilla" is more atomic breath-belching bark than bite

Published May 17, 2014

It takes a lot of effort to turn a legendary, destructive, roaring reptilian monolith into background noise, but that's exactly the trick director Gareth Edwards pulls off with his big, brooding "Godzilla" reboot.


Bardin paintings stir local art scene

Published Nov. 3, 2009

Al Bardin has painted houses since the '80s, but it wasn't until last winter that he finally put brush to canvas. Since then, he has sold more than 60 "monster" paintings and will be among the featured artists at the return of MIAD's Open Canvas on Saturday, Nov. 21.

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Rev. Ron reviews "Monsters University"

The college experience has been greatly exaggerated in the world of cinema. Through my sexless high school years, I was under the impression that college would be a non-stop party of booze and drug consumption, never-ending sex and fun-hating Deans who will always get their comeuppance before the...

Rev. Ron reviews "Pacific Rim"

Although Guillermo del Toro says he came up with Pacific Rim as a way of introducing monster/mech battles to a new generation, I imagine that he was thinking about things like Godzilla, Gamera and Japanese anime like Voltron and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and said, in a quiet voice, "I can do b...

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