Mondo lucha


Mondo Lucha celebrates its fifth year of mayhem hitting the mat

Published Oct. 29, 2013

Professional wrestler Matt Cross, perhaps better known as his other stage name M-Dogg 20, has performed in several different wrestling leagues in nearly 20 countries. Even with all of his globetrotting, however, there's one event and place every year, however, that is a highlight on his relentless, busy wrestling schedule: Milwaukee's own Mondo Lucha.


Masked Mexican wrestling returns to Milwaukee

Published Sept. 10, 2010

It's been two years since it debuted in Milwaukee at the Turner Hall Ballroom and if you still don't know what Mondo Lucha is, you'd best read on and catch up.


Pezzettino goes double platinum ... in advance!

Published Aug. 26, 2010

When Pezzettino wanted to get "Lub Dub," her awesome collaboration with LMNTylst, pressed, she took matters into her own hands and used Kickstarter to get fans involved. That proved a wise move.