Molly rhode


"Packer Fans" mesmerizes with laughs and heart at AFT

Published June 20, 2014

The team of Frederick Heide and Lee Becker has created such outrageously funny plays like "Belgians in Heaven" and "Guys and Does." "Packer Fans from Outer Space" could well be expected to follow in that same slapstick vein, but it doesn't, as director Molly Rhode finds a heart in this play and puts it on full display with a marvelous cast of actors.


First Stage's "Anatole" gives the audience plenty to believe in

Published Feb. 23, 2014

It was a little girl in the audience who provided proof that belief ran strong at the Todd Wehr Theater during the opening weekend of "Anatole." That little girl was in full belief that what she was seeing in front of her eyes was really a very funny mouse who had a wife, a bunch of kids, a good friend, a cat, big lumps of cheese and all sorts of magic created by John Maclay and Lee Becker.


Skylight's "Les Misérables" is a blessing for the audience

Published Nov. 23, 2013

Go ahead and pick any adjective you want. Not one of them - or all of them - can possibly do justice to the glorious production of "Les Misérables" that opened Friday night at the Skylight Music Theatre. But blessed may come close for those lucky enough to see it. After it was over, I felt blessed.


Subbaraman prepares for debut as Skylight artistic director

Published March 14, 2013

Viswa Subbaraman admits to a mild case of nerves as Skylight Music Theatre announced its 2013-14 season Thursday, the first under the new artistic director who is expected to continue the impressive record of the Skylight over the past few years.


Skylight sends its love in "The Sound of Music"

Published Nov. 17, 2012

Above all else, "The Sound of Music" is a love story. Love between a man and a woman. Love of a God. Love of music. Love of country. Love of a father for his children. Love of children for their father. And falling in love is what you will do when you see the production, which opened Friday at Skylight Music Theatre.


Coming soon: "The Sound of Music"

Published Nov. 11, 2012

Combine the holiday season with a spectacular director and the unbridled joy and drama of "The Sound of Music" and you have a certain winner.


Milwaukee Chamber Theatre takes to the "Roads"

Published Oct. 14, 2010

The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre doesn't produce musicals often, but it will open the small-sized "Main-Travelled Roads" Friday night. The show is based on the short stories of Wisconsin award-winning writer Hamlin Garland.


Female directors take their place in Milwaukee theater

Published Sept. 30, 2010

Gender equality remains an elusive goal in American theater, but the situation is changing in Milwaukee. Virtually all of the new directors in the local theater community in the past decade are women.