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Brewlieve: Why you shouldn't lose hope in the Brewers

Published Oct. 19, 2018

The sports world is littered with inspirational catchphrases - and every single one of them applies to the Milwaukee Brewers right now. But so what if the Brewers are down 3-2? The Dodgers don't scare me, and they shouldn't scare you either.


Win or lose, Sunday will make Wisconsin sports history

Published Oct. 6, 2018

Currently up two games on the Rockies in the NLDS, tomorrow's lining up to be a big day for the Brewers. But even before a single team takes the field tomorrow, Sunday will mark a one-of-a-kind historic day for sports in the state of Wisconsin.


17 things you might not know about Bob Uecker

Published Oct. 1, 2018

Thanks to the Brewers playoff run, Milwaukee's own Bob Uecker, whose celebrity builds every year, is now being introduced to new generations. So here are some facts about the man we call Mr. Baseball.

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Is Baseball Out of Touch?

I admit it, I don’t watch much baseball this time of year.  Sure, I enjoy going to a game in June or July, hanging out with friends, enjoying a brew or two, and sitting in the sun for a few hours.  I’ve got the team I root for, but I can’t stay into the games, especial...

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