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Brewers announce 2020 schedule

Published Aug. 12, 2019

If you can't help feeling defeated about the Brew Crew, there's always next season - and now you know what it'll look like as the Brewers today released the regular season schedule for 2020. And it'll start with some familiar faces.


The Brewers' 2019 Players Weekend jersey nicknames, ranked

Published Aug. 7, 2019

While the uniforms' color and personality have been turned down significantly, you can still find plenty of both on the backs of the jerseys as once again the players are allowed to choose their own nicknames. Who's moniker is mightiest on the Brewers?

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Is Baseball Out of Touch?

I admit it, I don’t watch much baseball this time of year.  Sure, I enjoy going to a game in June or July, hanging out with friends, enjoying a brew or two, and sitting in the sun for a few hours.  I’ve got the team I root for, but I can’t stay into the games, especial...

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