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Milwaukee golf guide

Published Sept. 25, 2018

While the summer may be over, there's still time - and some sunny weather - to tee off at any one of Milwaukee County's golf courses, as well as the dozens of other venues in the surrounding suburbs.


Northpoint returns to the lakefront for another year

Published March 15, 2018

After fears that the stand just south of Bradford Beach would once again sit empty after the County received a chilly response to its request for proposals, Bartolotta Restaurants announced today that Northpoint Custard has reached a one-year deal to reopen the stand.


Report says County should replace three key buildings as soon as possible

Published Sept. 25, 2017

A new Public Policy Forum report on the state of Milwaukee's City- and County-owned buildings calls for the replacement - "as soon as possible" - of three Milwaukee County properties: the Safety Building and Medical Examiner's Office on the western end of Downtown, and the Mental Health Complex on the County Grounds.

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Serious County Reform

All the recent fuss about reforming the government of Milwaukee County has been about the size and pay of the County Board.  There is no ideal size, but  a smaller board could probably  handle the workload just as well as the 18 members we have now.  Cook Cou nty, Illlinois, (...

Who Wants to be County Comptroller?

So far: nobody, according  to the Milwaukee County Election Commission.  As of  9 AM today (Nov. 29), no candidates have registered  for the newly-created office of  Milwaukee County Comptroller.  Candidates for the post  may start collecting signatures  on...

Part-Time County Board?

 Supervisor Joe SanFelippo has introduced a resolution that would essentially convert the Milwaukee County Board  from a  full-time  (FT) to a part-time (PT) body. Salaries would be reduced from $50,090 to $15,000,   and meetings would be scheduled  for evenings, rat...

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