Milwaukee chamber theatre


MCT's "Fires in the Mirror" ignites a compelling conversation

Published Sept. 23, 2019

Through interviews, as well as statements from leaders from both both sides of the conflict, "Fires in the Mirror" is a complex and compelling evening of theater that uses individual testimony to identify both common ground and deep, painful divides among cultures.


Performers bring the heat to Chamber Theatre's "Strange Snow"

Published Feb. 27, 2019

Chamber Theatre's "Strange Snow" is a funny and fast-moving show that includes quite a few standard plot devices. In lesser hands, the play's slight scaffolding might collapse, but terrific performances from the entire cast buoy the production.


The best of the 2018 Milwaukee theater scene

Published Dec. 26, 2018

It has been my sincere pleasure to see dozens of great theater productions in Milwaukee, Madison and Spring Green during 2018. But, of course, there are a few performers and productions that really stand out. Here is my idiosyncratic list of "bests."


Chamber's new Sherlock Holmes tale is a middling mystery

Published Aug. 13, 2018

Instead of building on the source material, Chamber Theatre's "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily" mainly recycles them, but without Sherlock's skill at puzzles and the wit of his friend Wilde.


6 shows to look forward to during the fall theater season

Published Aug. 9, 2018

The signs of fall are creeping closer. And while there's nothing better than Shakespeare under the stars on a hot July night, these exciting productions, gracing local stages through the end of 2018, have me looking forward to the months ahead.


Eat, Play, Applaud: Taking communion with Onesto and "Doubt"

Published April 16, 2018

While more serious in theme than most, a night of communion with Onesto and Chamber's "Doubt" is a satisfying opportunity to reflect on our place in the world, our interactions with those around us and the traditions that help make life meaningful.


The best of the 2017 Milwaukee theater season

Published Dec. 20, 2017

As a devoted theater patron and unabashed fan of the medium, I'd like to recognize the following Milwaukee-area productions for providing extraordinary moments of artistry and storytelling over the past year.