Milwaukee brewers


Allen's book recounts Pilots' change-up to Brewers 50 years ago

Published June 11, 2020

As the Brewers have been celebrating 50 years since the team's arrival in Milwaukee, after having spent a single year in Seattle as the Pilots, I've found myself interested in those earlier years. That led to me the brand new "Inside Pitch,” by Tacoma-based Rick Allen.


Coronavirus extinguishes July 3 fireworks

Published April 27, 2020

This year's July 3 Lakefront Fireworks show, presented by American Family Insurance, T&M Partners, Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee County Parks, has fizzled thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers announced today.


Love for the new ball and glove

Published Nov. 19, 2019

The Brewers' new look is a satisfying new set of icons. It doesn't come out of left field, and while it doesn't quite knock it out of the park, it is an exciting evolution that takes me back (to the ballgame).


A holiday wish list for every Wisconsin sports team

Published Dec. 24, 2018

The rush of the holiday season is now upon us, and while anyone can dream for a new jacket or concert tickets or a sparkling set of knives, only a select few are so committed to their sports fandom to use such wishes on their favorite teams.


Milwaukee Talks: Miller Park organist Dean Rosko

Published Oct. 12, 2018

The great American pastime would be nothing without its soundtrack - and for the past 14 years, organist Dean Rosko has contributed to its beloved orchestra, playing an integral part of the Miller Park experience.


A viewing guide to the Brewers-Dodgers playoff series

Published Oct. 10, 2018

Buckle up, Brewers fans: The upcoming National League Championship Series between the Crew and the L.A. Dodgers is going to be a blast. And to help you tune into every game of this massive series, here's a viewing guide.


Brewers' 2018 Players Weekend jersey nicknames, ranked

Published Aug. 24, 2018

Last year, Eric Thames won the battle for the best Players Weekend nickname with "Sang Namja," but it's a new season. Whose moniker is the mightiest? Let's get to ranking, from worst to first.