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Sconnie summer reading

Published June 19, 2015

Headed to the beach or maybe jetting off to some exotic locale for summer? Of course, the perfect book(s) to take along is one that will remind you why you're coming back to Wisconsin when the adventure ends. Here are some recent Sconnie books for your summer reading list.


12 signs you're old-school Milwaukee

Published Sept. 23, 2013

If you still know the words to the Pabst jingle, this list is for you. Read on, old timers and remember: this is still a great place on a great lake.


Johnny Logan passes away

Published Aug. 9, 2013

Former Milwaukee Braves All-Star shortstop and Milwaukee Brewers scout Johnny Logan passed away tonight at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee. He was 86.


Logan inducted into Brewers Walk of Fame

Published Jan. 17, 2013

Former Milwaukee Braves shortstop Johnny Logan will be honored this summer as the newest member of the Miller Park Walk of Fame after receiving 72 percent of the vote. He is the first inductee since 2010.


Awards voting must be transparent

Published Jan. 9, 2013

The Baseball Hall of Fame voting will be announced Wednesday, generating the annual discussion as to whether writers should vote for such an honor. I vote for one organization's year-end awards, and this year I was asked to vote on the Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame. It's something I take seriously, but it's a process that should be transparent. Here's who I voted for and why.


Milwaukee Talks: Hank Aaron

Published May 22, 2012

Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, in town to speak at Marquette University's commencement ceremony on Sunday, took some time to chat with about how he almost wasn't Marquette's keynote speaker, the city he called home for 14 years, and whether or not Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig was hurt by what happened with Ryan Braun this past winter.


The move that made Milwaukee cry

Published March 9, 2012

"I didn't realize it at the time," Hall of Famer Hank Aaron said. "But after we won the seventh game of the 1957 World Series, everything started to go downhill."