Milwaukee walks: Exploring Brew City neighborhoods

Published June 26, 2020

For the past couple years, I've been walking Milwaukee-area neighborhoods with readers via a series of Facebook lives. Here is an ongoing collection of the walks, which you can watch any time via the embedded links below. Keep checking back because I'll add more as I do them.


100 things we miss about Summerfest

Published June 24, 2020

There's a massive Big Gig-shaped hole in our hearts today, so let's try to fill it by reminiscing about 100 things that we miss about the world's largest music festival. Yes, we even miss getting beer spilled on us.


As the weather warms, patios are packed. But is that OK?

Published June 8, 2020

After bars and restaurants reopened last Friday afternoon, packed patios were a common sight throughout the city. We definitely noticed, and maybe you did too. And maybe you found yourself wondering (as we did): Is that really OK? Turns out it's not.


9 old school Milwaukee school postcards

Published May 26, 2020

Here, for a nice stroll down memory lane, are postcard images of nine vintage Milwaukee public schoolhouses. They are a mix of buildings that survive and that are now long gone.


9 images of vintage Milwaukee motels

Published May 11, 2020

With Mid-century Modern all the rage since "Mad Men" and now that we all love "Schitt's Creek," too, is the motel fashionable again? Here are some fun postcard porn of Milwaukee-area motels - Mid-century Modern and otherwise - to help you conjure days of family road trips gone by.


10 great photos from Old Wisconsin Bowling Alleys

Published May 4, 2020

Whether or not it's true that Milwaukee once had the most bowling alleys per capita - and it may or may not be (looking at you, Detroit!) - bowling was not just a pastime in Brew City, it was a way of life for many. Here are some great (mostly) vintage Milwaukee-area bowling alley photographs.


My coronavirus quarantine photo journal

Published April 22, 2020

Between time spent working and trying to keep the kids focused on schoolwork (ha ha ha), there's a lot of hours in the day. This is some of what I've seen and done during those hours. I hope you'll drop me a comment or two and let me know what you're doing, too.


Faces of Wisconsin Avenue: 11 vintage Milwaukee street photos

Published April 6, 2020

Street photographers have long come in many stripes, from creators of desolate urban landscapes like Atget to the documenters of bloody crime scene aftermaths like Weegee. But there was also a more mundane, day-to-day street photography of the lensmen who plied the main drags of cities, snapping portraits - often of passersby in motion - and selling them to the subjects.