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Urban spelunking: State Theater, former Hoops strip joint & The Palms rock club

Published Feb. 10, 2017

What a long strange trip it was. While theaters like the Downer and Oriental have venerable histories as long-running cinema houses, consider, if you will, the the more varied history of the now-dilapidated State Theater, 2616 W. State St. Originally a movie theater, the State has served a number of purposes - rock venue, prudish dance hall and strip club - in its nearly 100-year history.


Talking "You and Your Lion" with The Delta Routine

Published Feb. 10, 2015

Milwaukee's The Delta Routine has a new record out and "You and Your Lion" is the fourth record in about the same number of years - an impressive string for a local band. Fronted by Nick Amadeus, The Delta Routine doses its poppy garage grit with Americana roots to create a thoroughly Midwestern sound, fueled in part by the slashing guitar of local veteran Mike Hoffmann. We recently asked them about making "You and Your Lion."


Nine questions for Milwaukee band Antler House

Published Feb. 10, 2015

Making your debut album isn't exactly easy work. Just ask the young Milwaukee folk rockers Antler House. The band began recording its debut "Through The Dirt" in early 2013. Finally, over a year later, the finished product emerged. And for many in the Milwaukee music scene, the wait turned out to be pretty much worth it. Now, for the three-man band out of Shorewood, it's simply a matter of keeping that momentum up.


Yipes! has it been that long?

Published June 27, 2014

Summerfest was treated to a three-band Milwaukee reunion extravaganza that included performances by The Wigs, Bon Ton Society and Yipes!


Yipes! They're back!

Published June 25, 2014

Before Citizen King and the Gufs, before the Bodeans and Violent Femmes, there was Milwaukee's Yipes! The band, which released two LPs as the '70s morphed into the '80s, and toured extensively, reunites for a gig this week at Summerfest. We caught up with them to ask about the band's history and the reunion this week at the Big Gig.


Sieger shares the why and the what for of Semi-Twang's new disc

Published March 22, 2013

Though nearly a quarter-century passed between the release of Semi-Twang's first record - "Salty Tears," the sole fruit of the band's major label deal with Warner Bros. Records - and its second - the independently released "Wages of Sin," in 2011 - the band is already back with a new disc, "The Why and the What For." We talked to John Sieger about it.


Getting into The Delta Routine

Published Oct. 21, 2012

We catch up with Milwaukee's The Delta Routine - singer/guitarist Nick Amadeus to be more specific - which just launched its third disc, "Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares," and is about to head out on a tour covering the East Coast and beyond.


23 years later, Semi-Twang unveils "Wages of Sin"

Published March 18, 2011

It's been just about a quarter-century since Milwaukee roots rock combo Semi-Twang inked a deal with Warner Brothers Records and headed out to Los Angeles to record its major label debut -- and swan song -- "Salty Tears." This weekend, Semi-Twang releases its sophomore record, "Wages of Sin."


Five questions for The Delta Routine

Published Jan. 22, 2011

Milwaukee's The Delta Routine launches its new record Saturday, Jan. 22 at Linneman's. "More About You" blends catchy guitar pop with swaggering blues-rooted rock and roll that nods at The Black Crowes, The Who and the Rolling Stones. We asked singer and guitarist Nick Amadeus about the new record and to bring us up to date on the band.


After 15 years, James is ready to rock again

Published Sept. 8, 2010

Fifteen years elapsed between the release of Peggy James' new disc, "Joan of Arc," and its predecessor. So, you'll understand why she's doing the release party up right. James launches the 10-song "Joan of Arc," produced by Jim Eannelli, on Friday, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. at the Marcus Center's Vogel Hall.


With "One Little Light On," Cebar really shines

Published Jan. 5, 2010

Paul Cebar has been a mainstay -- and a leading light -- in Milwaukee music for years. Starting out in coffee houses playing solo, in a duo with Rip Tenor, with incarnations of his band The Milwaukeeans, and with the R&B Cadets. But despite friends and insiders raving about the quality of his solo demos, Cebar hasn't released a solo acoustic CD until now.


Semi-Twang turns back the clock at Shank

Published Nov. 3, 2009

When the talk turns to great Milwaukee bands, most people would agree that the Violent Femmes are the biggest thing ever to come out of this city. But close on their heels are the BoDeans, who are still together, and Semi-Twang, a band that had a big recording contract, incredible critical acclaim and a life that was far too short.


Gig roundup: E*I*E*I*O makes a rare appearance

Published Oct. 12, 2009

Who knows? Maybe they've all got too much other stuff to do. Maybe they don't get along that well. Maybe they just understand the laws of supply and demand. Whatever the reason, Milwaukee's landmark proto-alt.country rockers E*I*E*I*O play only very infrequent gigs.


The Delta Routine paradox

Published Jan. 18, 2008

The Delta Routine takes pieces of the past -- a bit of the Rolling Stones, a hint of The Who -- and transforms their inspiration into a more modern take on the rawness of the gritty genre.