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Honor a Harley artist's legacy at MIAD

Published Aug. 22, 2018

As the Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary celebration comes to town, there are some things that tend to fly under the distinct roar of those famous motorcycles. One of those is a celebration of the life and work of the late Harley artist Mathew Hintz.


Parking compliment? Who needs the stress?

Published June 4, 2018

While folks definitely enjoy a nice compliment - such as the ones that appear on the slips of paper appearing on the windshields of cars in the Third Ward, I think in the case of parking, no news is the best news of all when returning to one's satisfactorily parked vehicle.

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Sneak peek at MIAD senior exhibition

Last night I had the opportunity to visit MIAD's senior exhibition before it opens to the public because my cousin is graduating. I was blown away by the professional quality, artistry and ingenuity of some of the projects. The diversity of talents and ideas was really astounding. ...

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