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Winning tomatoes add vibrant color and flavor to gardens and meals

Published Jan. 25, 2019

Impress your guests with a garden, container and dinner table filled with tasty and colorful winning tomato varieties. Small-fruited varieties are perfect for salads and snacking, and those with larger fruit ideal for slicing, canning and sauces.


Houseplants 101

Published Jan. 13, 2019

Some may find indoor gardening intimidating, but don't let past failures stop you from enjoying the many benefits. Knowing some basics in care and making needed adjustments to the growing environment can turn past failures into success.


Plant indoors now for a fragrant start to the new year

Published Dec. 22, 2018

Plant away the stress of the of the holidays and add some fragrance to the new year by growing paperwhites. Just plant the bulbs, no cold treatment needed, and watch them grow into their blooming beauty.


Keep holiday plants looking their best

Published Dec. 9, 2018

The holiday season has arrived. That means you will be on the giving or receiving end of a poinsettia, Christmas cactus, cyclamen, amaryllis or other holiday plant. Extend the beauty and longevity of these holiday beauties with proper care.

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