Mark neumann


Finding the right Republican to vote for isn't too difficult

Published July 12, 2012

In just a month or so I am going to vote for a Republican for the first time in my life. I may have voted for Lee Dreyfus once, but that was so long ago, it doesn't really count. This time I'm going to vote on Aug. 14 in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Herb Kohl. The reason is simple.


Candidates will pay a price in 2012

Published Nov. 2, 2011

"If you thought the last couple of years have been bad, you haven't seen anything yet. That's because it's all about Wisconsin, and in 2012, it will be an absolute bloodbath." That political prediction was provided over lunch to me recently by a veteran Wisconsin Republican strategist, who foresees a tumultuous, nasty primary for the GOP nomination for the soon-to-be-open U.S. Senate seat in Wisconsin.


Primary election information

Published Sept. 14, 2010

It's Election Day. The statewide fall primary will determine candidates for the Nov. 2 general election.


OnMedia: Channel 12 is getting up earlier

Published Aug. 31, 2010

Channel 12 starts its morning news a half-hour earlier ... Channel 6 is turning to radio to complete the staff for its new local non-news 9 a.m. show ... A goodbye to Jack Horkheimer.


Playing the primary name game

Published Aug. 27, 2010

The Sept. 14 primary election is right around the corner. Aside from the gubernatorial race, there are a lot of names vying for a spot in the November general election.


Neither Walker nor Neumann "wins" debate

Published Aug. 26, 2010

The Wednesday night debate between Republican gubernatorial hopefuls Scott Walker and Mark Neumann didn't end in victory for either candidate, but they did each get a chance to further explain their differences.


OnMedia: A technical ballet for Channel 12

Published Aug. 26, 2010

Thursday's debate was a technical achievement for Channel 12.... Radio Now's Riggs plays with Waukesha and Ke$ha... A trailer for a spooky new AMC series.


OnMedia: Shepard Smith and Katrina

Published Aug. 25, 2010

Hurricane Katrina was a key event in the career of Fox News anchor Shepard Smith... You can tweet your way into the Emmy Awards telecast... Channel 12 is giving up an hour of prime-time Wednesday for a gubernatorial debate.


OnMedia: A new voice for Radio Milwaukee

Published Aug. 5, 2010

The new music director/afternoon voice at WYMS-FM has some interesting musical tastes ... WTMJ-AM has five months to say goodbye to Jonathan Green ... A trade publication calls Rush Limbaugh the top radio talker of all time.


Local bias blurs gubernatorial race

Published June 30, 2010

In Milwaukee, all eyes are on the local mayor and county executive, ready to square off in the upcoming gubernatorial campaign. But outside of Milwaukee, interest isn't exactly on the same level.


GOP insiders' barbs don't deter Neumann

Published June 15, 2010

Despite growing pressure and nasty remarks from Wisconsin Republican Party insiders, Mark Neumann is vowing not to end his GOP primary campaign for governor.


Could this guy be Wisconsin's next governor?

Published Nov. 13, 2009

There's another person -- not Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (who is expected to announce his decision to enter next year's race this week) -- considering running for Wisconsin governor as a Democrat.


Taking schools to school

Published Aug. 28, 2009

Proponents and opponents of changing the way the Milwaukee Public Schools are run were lining up in droves this week as some public events were held to draw attention to a plan by Gov. Jim Doyle and Mayor Tom Barrett to allow the mayor to oversee the schools.