Maria's pizza


Get Your Ass In Here: Maria's Pizza

Published Jan. 14, 2019

Adore that old school restaurant? That quirky bar? "Get your ass in here" is a new series highlighting original and extraordinary local businesses that are thriving, but to ensure continued success, need our asses there on a regular basis.


Jesus painting stolen from Maria's Pizza

Published Aug. 24, 2018

Someone stole a painting from Maria's Pizza, 5025 W. Forest Home Ave., and the family desperately wants it back. OnMilwaukee is offering a reward for its return.


5 places that are keeping Milwaukee weird

Published May 9, 2014

Even though Milwaukee does not officially have a "keep it weird" campaign like other cities, there's still enough weirdness to keep life interesting.


In search of the perfect pizza: Maria's Pizza

Published Feb. 20, 2013

Maria's Pizza has been a Milwaukee staple since 1957, but this was my first visit here. The homey pizzeria is family owned and operated, and I was excited to put their legendary pizza to the test.


Burger-making is family affair at Mazo's

Published Aug. 26, 2002

When John Mazo opened the south side diner in 1934, he charged a nickel for his soon-to-be-famous burgers. Today, the sliders are still affordable, and although they aren't quite as large as Kopp's or quite as buttery as Solly's, they are every bit as satisfying.