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Everything leaving Netflix in June 2020

Published May 20, 2020

Netflix's list of departures for May was pretty kind, all things considered. As for the newly announced one for June? I'm sad to report it's far less summery.


5 reasons to get serious about seeing Milwaukee Art Museum's "Serious Play"

Published Oct. 1, 2018

Let's be honest, sometimes art can be heavy. And sometimes the exhibitions at the Milwaukee Art Museum are similarly weighty. But right now, MAM is serious about something altogether different. "Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America" is bursting with color, with playfulness, with, well, fun.


Don Wisconsin: 8 local "Mad Men" Easter eggs

Published May 12, 2015

This Sunday at 9 p.m., "Mad Men" wraps up its wild ride with its series finale on AMC. Here at, we're tearfully celebrating the end of eight glorious seasons of "Mad Men" with eight Wisconsin references we spotted throughout the course of the show.


"Serial Daters Anonymous" puts Milwaukee on the silver screen

Published Sept. 22, 2013

Just when "The Surface" finished up shooting in Milwaukee, another film started rolling the cameras. "Serial Daters Anonymous," starring Scottish actress Louise Linton and Milwaukee's Sam Page, was filmed last week in various local locations. The film will air next in 2014.


Hearing is believing: Koss on "Mad Men"

Published April 11, 2013

When Koss headphones were featured in Sunday's premiere episode of the show's final season, it was a surprise to viewers from Wisconsin. It was also a surprise to the company.


Diary of a Mad Man

Published May 2, 2012

For years now, the ever-popular television series "Mad Men" has entertained, delighted and revealed some fundamental truths about advertising. For the most part, we in the advertising world are impressed with the American Movie Channel's portrayal of our day-to-day. And I believe they've done it again.


Mad Men meme: Draping

Published April 24, 2012

I like a good Internet meme as much (or more) than the next guy, but I always thought the phenomenon of planking was especially dumb. Its short-lived successor, owling, was a little funny, but I certainly never tried it. Don't even get me started on Tebowing. Draping, on the other hand, is a meme I can get into.


This blog sucks

Published Nov. 1, 2011

If you're looking for something witty in this space, you'd better stop reading now. I have a serious case of writer's block this week, and the only way I know how to move past it is to write my way out of it.


OnMedia: The dramatic differences between "Pan Am" and "Mad Men"

Published Sept. 27, 2011

"Pan Am" is the better of the two network shows playing off the 1960s nostalgia of AMC's "Mad Men." But other than the decade, there's no comparison. ... The Milwaukee Film Festival continues with a look at a 20-something skateboarder.


OnMedia: You can relax about the future of "Mad Men"

Published April 4, 2011

AMC's "Mad Men" doesn't have the largest audience, but it's a loyal bunch. And they have some good news ... Some additions at Channel 6 ... Naima explains her departure from "American Idol."


OnMedia: Some final thoughts on "Mad Men"

Published Oct. 19, 2010

It's over for the season, and "Mad Men" left us with some things to ponder (spoiler alert) ... NBC picks up some new shows for the whole season ... More fallout from old number 4's sexting scandal.


Has "Mad Men" gone mad?

Published Oct. 18, 2010

Warning: if you haven't watched the "Mad Men" season finale ... skip this post until you have done so.


OnMedia: Jerry Springer brings the talent to town

Published Oct. 15, 2010

Jerry Springer, who comes to Milwaukee this weekend, talks about why he's working three jobs (at least) at 66 ... A Neenah family gets a new home on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" ... "Mad Men" wraps up another stellar season this weekend.


OnHollywood: Jon Hamm talks "The Town" and his Milwaukee connection

Published Sept. 21, 2010

Jon Hamm is no overnight sensation. He was working as a teacher in Missouri and decided to go to L.A. to pursue his dream. That dream has taken over 10 years to come to fruition and "Mad Men" was the reason. As the mysterious Don Draper, Hamm has finally become a star. Gino Salomone caught up with him at the Toronto Film Festival.