More parking meters should accept credit cards

Published July 10, 2013

I rarely carry cash, much less coins, so I was pleased to find that several parking meters along Downer Avenue on Milwaukee's East Side now accept credit cards.


New Orleans infuses Christmas with Cajun / Creole charm

Published Dec. 29, 2012

New Orleans is best known by tourists as a destination in February for Mardi Gras or April for Jazz Fest, but visit the Big Easy in December - particularly around Christmastime - and the vibrant city is equally as spectacular.


Lambs take to the ballot

Published Oct. 29, 2010

In every partisan election there are always sacrificial lambs -- candidates on the ballot that really stand no chance of winning against the entrenched incumbent.


2010 night parking stickers now available

Published Dec. 21, 2009

Overnight parking stickers for 2010 are now available. Instead of the quarterly night permits previously sold four times per year, the 2010 night parking permits are sold on a four-month basis for $20.


DPW defends LUKE

Published March 14, 2008

It is important to understand that any new technology introduced to and used by the public can be a challenge. However, it should not preclude the City from making investments in technology.