On the Burger Trail: The Lucy at Crafty Cow Oconomowoc

Published Feb. 24, 2017

At Crafty Cow, you can order up any number of lavishly topped burgers featuring ingredients like prime rib, peanut butter, pork belly and a host of other options. But, we stuck to the basics and ordered the Lucy, an homage to the original Jucy Lucy burger.


The 15 best plays of the 2014-15 theater season

Published Aug. 25, 2015

The 2015-16 theater season in Milwaukee is just underway and looking ahead there is promise of outstanding productions that will stimulate audiences to laugh, think and weep.It's an appropriate time to look back at the 2014-15 season that provided so much interesting theater. Milwaukee is fortunate to have so many theater companies, both old favorites and new and bold groups. We have a wealth of great theater that is abundant for a city our size.


"Lucy" is an incredible triumph for Milwaukee Opera Theatre

Published Nov. 8, 2014

The formula for creating the kind of memories that will last a lifetime is one part brains, one part talent and one part courage. This production of "Lucy" by the Milwaukee Opera Theatre hits that artistic trifecta.


Milwaukee Opera Theatre stages an opera about a monkey

Published Oct. 28, 2014

You want to stage an opera, but you have this commitment to letting new voices and new ideas be heard and seen - even if it means you sometimes have to climb out on that limb while the only thing you hold in your hand is a baby monkey clad in cute little jump suit.