Lub dub


Ciao Pezzettino, welcome ZETI

Published Feb. 9, 2012

Maybe you've noticed Pezzettino has been silent lately. And maybe you've seen ZETI all over Twitter. It's not coincidence. Erstwhile Milwaukeean and current Brooklynite Margaret Dearden has laid Pezzettino to rest and is preparing to release her first ZETI digital EP next month.


Masked Mexican wrestling returns to Milwaukee

Published Sept. 10, 2010

It's been two years since it debuted in Milwaukee at the Turner Hall Ballroom and if you still don't know what Mondo Lucha is, you'd best read on and catch up.


Gig roundup: In lub with Pezzettino's latest

Published Sept. 6, 2010

When Pezzettino -- aka Margaret Stutt -- recorded her latest, "Lub Dub," with LMNTylst, and promptly split for Brooklyn, we were eager to hear this potentially winning collaboration. She releases the gem on Saturday at Turner Hall, which also hosts Billy Bragg this week. Crowded House and Lawrence Arabia, meanwhile, share the stage at The Pabst.


Pezzettino goes double platinum ... in advance!

Published Aug. 26, 2010

When Pezzettino wanted to get "Lub Dub," her awesome collaboration with LMNTylst, pressed, she took matters into her own hands and used Kickstarter to get fans involved. That proved a wise move.