Light the hoan


Behind the Bulb: The Corridor

Published Jan. 24, 2019

In our second installment of "Behind the Bulb," we meet Cheryl Blue, executive director of The Corridor, which works to promote economic development, homeownership, safety and community empowerment.


Behind the Bulb: Layton Boulevard West

Published Jan. 8, 2019

We believe Milwaukee has never had a brighter future, and we want to prove it. Which is why we're thrilled to announce the launch of Light the Hoan's new neighborhood video series "Behind the Bulb."


The Hoan is gonna be lit Thursday and Friday nights

Published Oct. 31, 2018

The Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge - aka "The Hoan" - will soon be permanently a-glow with seasonal lighting, and this week Milwaukee will get a glimpse of what it will look like in all of its illuminated glory.


Boone & Crockett hosts a "mural party"

Published Sept. 7, 2018

Local artists Chacho Lopez and Benjamin Stark will paint a mural at Boone & Crockett on Saturday, Sept. 8 - and everyone is invited to watch the process.


Why we Light the Hoan: Judge Derek Mosley

Published June 19, 2018

Help shine lights on one of our city's best features, the Hoan Bridge. You can #LighttheHoan for someone you love, someone you think moves Milwaukee forward or someone that you know needs a brighter look at the world. This is Judge Derek Mosley's story.