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Lee Brice's performance was not "Hard To Love"

Published Dec. 16, 2018

When Lee Brice's band members came out on stage before Brice himself, I was surprised to see they all had on black shirts. While my initial thoughts jokingly were, "I guess the band is goth," the dark clothing actually contributed to a cool, dark country rock feel.


Summerfest picks: Jeff Sherman

Published June 27, 2017

The energy, the buzz, the excitement, the music! Here are OnMilwaukee co-founder and president Jeff Sherman's daily picks for Summerfest 50.


Summerfest 50 fills out the rest of its headliner lineup

Published May 11, 2017

Last month, Summerfest 50 dropped almost its entire list of grounds stage headliners. The key word there is "almost," because there were still a few holes and TBAs to be filled out. Good news: Today, those vacancies are no more.

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