Laura dern


5 takeaways from the finale of "Big Little Lies" season two

Published July 22, 2019

Let's talk about the biggest revelations and takeaways from the finale - and the entire second season as a whole - from courtroom fireworks to batting practice and an ending that sure doesn't feel like an ending.


5 takeaways from a disco-dancing episode of "Big Little Lies"

Published July 1, 2019

"She Knows." You don't get much more ominous than the title of Sunday night's new episode of "Big Little Lies." But who is the "she"? And what does she know? Well, here's what we know after passing the halfway mark of the second season last night.


"The Fault in Our Stars" mixes sincerity with sobbing

Published June 12, 2014

I only welled up once (or twice ... or maybe three times) in "The Fault in Our Stars." But better yet, those moments - and the film in general - felt earned and sincere, not the result of a screenwriter's emotional rigging. It's a movie that mixes hurt, humanity and humor with surprisingly rewarding results.


Even 20 years later, "Jurassic Park" still has the power to awe

Published April 10, 2013

You would think that a movie like a 3-D conversion re-release like "Jurassic Park 3D" would be the opposite of a cure. After all, what could generate more cynicism than a 3-D re-release, the modern definition of a Hollywood money grab? Yet somehow, "Jurassic Park 3D" is exactly what weary moviegoers needed, still showing the power film has to stir the imagination and invigorate our sense of wonder.


Plagiarism rampant in the digital world

Published March 20, 2013

World celebrated British primatologist Jane Goodall recently admitted to not citing sources for a number of passages in "Seeds of Hope," which she wrote with Gail Hudson.


Stylish "Focus" is a morality play for our time

Published Dec. 7, 2001

Director Neil Slavin does a fine job making "Focus" look smart, stylish and cool, like a colorized version of an old noir flick. He also does a good job building suspense and tension. But Macy, as always, steals the show with his everyman face and demeanor.