10 great photos from Old Wisconsin Bowling Alleys

Published May 4, 2020

Whether or not it's true that Milwaukee once had the most bowling alleys per capita - and it may or may not be (looking at you, Detroit!) - bowling was not just a pastime in Brew City, it was a way of life for many. Here are some great (mostly) vintage Milwaukee-area bowling alley photographs.


Kids' birthday party guide, 2020

Published Feb. 21, 2020

Whether your kid is more bouncy or more craft-oriented, there's a Brew City birthday party that can accommodate their wishes - and hopefully your budget.


What can we learn from the closing of Karl Ratzsch? A great deal

Published April 3, 2017

This weekend, the city of Milwaukee mourned the loss of Karl Ratzsch, a Milwaukee institution which served the community for 113 years. And the city is feeling the void. But, it's worthwhile to take a moment to stop and reflect. What could have been done?


An outsider's view of "quirky Milwaukee"

Published Sept. 22, 2012

Our fine staff and those from the countless travel sites and blogs continue to find the gems and jewels that make Milwaukee great. The latest collective list comes from gadling.com. It explores some of the city's "quirky" destinations.


Quiz spurs great Brew City MINI Tour

Published Sept. 22, 2007

OnMilwaukee.com and M Magazine's The Great Milwaukee Quiz created a buzz around town. Milwaukee Mini drivers enjoyed it so much, they made a day of it. In fact, one group enjoyed it so much, it made a day of it.


RE: Milwaukee, America's No. 2 party town

Published Oct. 27, 2006

According to Maxim magazine, Milwaukee is America’s number two party town, behind Las Vegas and ahead of New Orleans. Of course, a natural disaster may have been enough to nudge us up above the birthplace of jazz, but I remain a little skeptical.


Roll 'em at Koz's Mini Bowl

Published May 13, 2002

It has been called bowling for elves, but duckpin bowling at Koz's Mini Bowl is no small task. Koz's Mini Bowl, where's that? Glad that you asked. Tucked into Milwaukee's South Side at 2078 S. 7th St., Koz's isn't your typical bowling experience.