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"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: It's prom night in Paradise

Published Sept. 10, 2019

"Bachelor in Paradise" is coming to a close, but unlike Mike doing cartwheels on the beach, it appears this season is going to stick the landing with the help of a makeshift prom night, some strong troll-ery and a mutant pineapple.


"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: Dean returns; his mustache does not

Published Sept. 4, 2019

It was a night of big returns on Tuesday's "Bachelor in Paradise": the return of Dean, the return of a John Paul Jones I didn't want to superman punch at all times for being a jerk and, most notably, a return to form for the show after a laborious Labor Day episode.


The song really does remain the same

Published Dec. 3, 2007

"The Song Remains the Same" was my intro to Led Zeppelin, my intro in some ways to the world of work and one of my first memories of my mom encouraging my interest in music.